GOP Congressman Adam Kinzinger Has A Message For ‘Loser’ Donald Trump: ‘I’m Sorry You’re A Loser, But You Lost’

Ask Rep. Adam Kinzinger what he thinks of former president Donald Trump and his answer is pretty simple: He’s a “loser.” That’s exactly what the Republican Congressman told Anderson Cooper while appearing on Anderson Cooper 360 on Thursday night, as HuffPost noted.

In making the point that there’s no reason people should be talking about Trump anymore, Kinzinger referenced a “press release” (if it can be called that) that the former president issued earlier this week from Mar-a-Lago. Though it was mostly aimed at former congresswoman Barbara Comstock, who recently joked that very few of her Republican colleagues would likely “join a search party” if Trump disappeared, #45 decided to share a list of other people he thinks are “losers” for not worshipping the ground he walks/stomps on—and Kinzinger was among them. While chatting with Cooper, Kinzinger weaponized Trump’s favorite insult to respond to the Florida Man’s criticisms in a perfectly measured and literal way.

“[Trump] called people like Barbara Comstock a loser and he called me a loser. I’ve never lost an election. He has. He’s the only loser in that mix, and we’re trying to grab onto him as if he’s somehow the ticket to the future, and he is instead obsessed with the fact that he lost again at something. And instead of, in his post-presidency, taking on, I don’t know, some issue that he cares about or some thing that we see former presidents do, he’s down there obsessing about the fact that he’s a loser. I’m sorry you’re a loser, but you lost.”

Point made. Though one might want to tell Kinzinger that the main issue Donald Trump cares about is finding new people to brand “losers.” You can watch part of the clip below.

(Via HuffPost)