Watch Alex Jones Use The World’s Smallest Megaphone To Rant Madly At Hikers And Employees Of A Texas Park

It’s been a while since we’ve paid much attention to Alex Jones. Ever since the chili-loving conspiracy theorist was banned from just about every online platform known to man, he’s (thankfully) been a less ubiquitous presence in all of our lives. But every now and again he does something that reminds of his existence in the world, usually because someone filmed him in a public space delivering an unhinged rant about masks or guns or vaccines or something. And such is the case this week after a video has gone viral of Jones using a comically small megaphone to verbally accost the young employees of an Austin, Texas park.

According to the Austin American-Statesman, the maskless (of course) Jones was mad because his wife was denied access to the park because she did not make a reservation to enter it, as is the park’s policy in the era of COVID-19 — an attempt to control crowds during the pandemic.

Reports the American-Statesman:

The video of his greenbelt antics show Jones yelling at park employees, who are seated outside the entrance to check people in.

“Now you guys use your COVID hoax to like set a checkpoint up to take over the parks and start charging?” he asked the masked park employees, most of whom were seated in folding camp chairs at the entrance to the greenbelt. “It’s unconstitutional.”

At one point, Jones walks over to an employee, standing just feet away from him, and asks, “Who are you, masked man?”

“I’m a lifeguard for Barton Springs,” the man replies.

“You’re a lifeguard for Barton Springs, now part of the criminal power grab,” Jones responds.

Okay, a couple of questions:

1. Was the wee megaphone really needed? Why does a shouty, bloated gasbag need a megaphone to talk to people sitting just a few feet away in an otherwise quiet area?

2. Can someone help us find this nice young lady? We’d like to buy her a drink.


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