Amy Schumer Apparently Couldn’t Resist Breaking Out Her Impression Of Rudy Giuliani’s Wild Wine Lady

Cecily Strong wasn’t the only one busting an impression of Rudy Giuliani’s “star witness,” Mellissa Carone, on Saturday. Amy Schumer dropped three videos on Instagram parodying the possibly wine-drunk, definitely hilarious Carone who became an instant viral hit following her strange testimony during an election hearing in Michigan. Just like Carone, each of Schumer’s performance gets crazier than the last before she’s straight up knocking back a martini while accusing Republican politicians of changing the “poll book” to help Biden win. (Actual claim made by Carone.)

You can watch Schumer’s impressions below:

Thanks to her collaboration with Giuliani, Carone has been a fixture in headlines, which isn’t exactly going great for her. According to a new report, Carone was apparently charged with “first degree obscenity” after repeatedly sending sex tapes of herself and her husband to his ex-wife back in 2018. For the record, that’s less than two years before Giuliani called her to the big leagues to solve the presidential election. Via HuffPost:

Police records obtained by HuffPost, which were first reported by Deadline Detroit, say that Carone lied to police about sending explicit videos of herself to her fiancé’s ex-wife, but then confessed that she had done so after being confronted with information obtained from search warrants. Carone even confessed that she had told her fiancé “to get a new router and get a new wifi company” to cover her tracks, police said.

Carone’s viral fame is also about to take on a whole new meaning. On Sunday, President Trump announced that Giuliani has tested positive for COVID-19, which means he could’ve been contagious during the Michigan hearing that Carone attended. The same hearing where neither one of them wore masks. That’s not good.

(Via Amy Schumer on Instagram)