‘The View’ Responded To Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s Presiding Denim Vest With Mockery

On Tuesday, Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema continued to turn heads in the Senate, but this time, not for her puzzling policy demands, which have routinely frustrated her colleagues in the Democratic Party. On this particular occasion, Sinema presided over the Senate while wearing a denim vest, which prompted an avalanche of jokes on social media. However, there’s one person who’s not laughing, and that’s The View co-host Ana Navarro. Although, in fairness, she did open up her remarks with an effective dig.

“Apparently, Senator Sinema’s job is to dress like Schneider from ‘One Day At a Time’ while presiding over the U.S. Senate,” Navarro quipped before tearing into the denim oufit at the 1:45 mark below:

Via The Wrap:

“Here, at this show, we are very careful and we know what it’s like to get criticized for what we wear and how we look. That’s fine, it comes with the territory. And we try not to do it,” Navarro added. “But this is not about gender. I assure you, if my friend Mitt Romney showed up in the Senate wearing that, I’d call him up and tell him he’s insane.”

At the heart of Navarro’s remarks is that Sinema owes it “to the American people and to the institution to show some respect.” And while Navarro has a point, co-host Sunny Hostin chimed in to say that the bigger issue is the 50 percent of the time when Sinema voted with Trump, which is not great and more damaging to her voters than an outfit.