Ana Navarro Zinged Tucker Carlson For His Defense Of Nicki Minaj Over Her Cousin’s Friend’s Balls

While discussing Tucker Carlson‘s obsession with Nicki Minaj‘s cousin’s friend’s allegedly swollen testicles, The View guest host Ana Navarro dropped probably one of the greatest lines in the daytime talk show’s 25 years on the air. It was so good that it left Whoopi Goldberg nodding in approval while slapping the table.

The hilarious moment came during Navarro’s turn to respond to Carlson offering an invitation to Minaj’s cousin’s friends to appear on the show even though the entire Trinidadian government couldn’t find him or his significantly engorged nutsack. After laughing at the ridiculousness of the international incident that Minaj’s vaccine disinformation has caused, Navarro zeroed in the surprising silver lining.

“Well, at least it got Tucker Carlson to defend a black woman,” Navarro quipped. “Didn’t see that one coming!”

This left of the ladies of The View laughing while Whoopi nodded proudly. People on social media were also big fans of Navarro’s zinger, and they also made it a point to note how much better the show is when she’s on the panel:

Ever since the testicle tweet heard ’round the world, the Minaj incident has been a roller coaster ride that’s included everything from alleged invites to the White House (it was just an offer to get Minaj on the phone with medical experts) to accusations of being placed in Twitter jail (also dubious). But one thing Minaj has quickly learned: Spreading vaccine misinformation is the quickest way to become a darling of the right as top conservative pundits like Carlson have rushed to her side.