An Angry Baboon Threw Poo Over An Entire Family

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08.15.16 8 Comments

“Are you okay?” Someone asks the little girl. She shakes her head “no” because she just had an impressive amount of poop thrown on her and there was nothing that could be done. This girl, who was visiting Tiger World in North Carolina, was supposed to be having a fun, family time. She would see some endangered animals and her patronage would help the non-profit. It was going to be a good day.

Then an angry baboon ruined everything, as they so often do.

Things started innocently enough as she and her family approached the cage. The baboon was hanging out in the corner, possibly contemplating how he ended up in this forsaken place, but the baboon quickly snapped as his meditation was interrupted by the cute little girls waving at him happily. How dare they?

So, the baboon did what his genes willed him to do. He bared his teeth, hopped off his perch then reached into a pile of his poo (with two hands) and then chucked it at the family. It seemed like fresh poo, because it clung to the little girl’s face, who in an instant had animal sanctuaries and zoos ruined for her forever.

The father tried to soothe them, but was soon overcome with the stench of baboon poo and began gagging. Apparently, the man has history with the baboon:

“There is a local zoo we frequently visit, the monkey in the video really dislikes me, however on this day he was very mad and threw feces at us.”

If you know the baboon has beef, why provoke him? This act got you and your innocent family covered in poo.

(Via Mashable)

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