An Angry Baboon Groped A Reporter On Live Television

A few things:

  • This is a clip of a reporter getting groped by a baboon during a live broadcast.
  • Like, an actual baboon, the animal, not “a baboon” like some meathead jamook in a tank top who has tribal tattoos around both biceps and a Limp Bizkit bumper sticker on his 1999 Jeep Wrangler.
  • If it was that second thing it would have been assault.
  • Baboons are not subject to prosecution in this country.
  • The reporter, Sabrina Rodriguez, handles it shockingly well.
  • If a wild animal fondled me while making that face I would instantly freeze with terror.
  • We already had a baboons tag.
  • Someone please add this to that seven minute video of animal-related news bloopers.
  • I typed “baboob” instead of “baboon” two times while writing this post.

I think that about covers it.