Even Ann Coulter’s Infuriated Over Trump Skirting On His Taxes, And She’s Calling On Democrats To Fix A Broken System

Back in 2016, Ann Coulter, conservative troll extraordinaire, published In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome! As it turns out, she may have trolled herself, big time, by favoring a president who has disappointed her multiple times over the past four years. Yet of course, she still very much dislikes almost everyone and tosses out xenophobic comments of her own on the regular, so she’s not a nice person, but maybe she’s worth a few moments of attention on occasion, like this week.

Notably, the issue of President Trump’s tax avoidance has upset Coulter a great degree because, well, it’s upset most people who don’t realize why a (supposed) billionaire has paid less in taxes for years (and not paid for it in other ways, as with Wesley Snipes) than almost every other taxpayer in the U.S. In fact, Coulter is incensed, and she’s going somewhere (asking Democrats for assistance) that she’s never gone before now.

“I don’t think the conservative take on @realDonaldTrump paying no taxes should be: BECAUSE HE’S SMART!” Coulter raged. “I’ve paid nearly 50% of my income in taxes, year after year, and any system that allows billionaires to pay ZERO is unspeakable corrupt.” She then added, “How about changing it, Democrats?”

Yep, when you insult Ann Coulter’s wallet, she’s gonna be mad. Is she really paying 50% of her income in taxes, though? There’s gotta be some hyperbole there, but irregardless, her point — that billionaires (or millionaires, which is likely the actual word that should describe Trump) shouldn’t be skirting their tax bills — stands. Further, this is probably one instance in which most people would agree with her. 2020 is weird! Your move, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.