AOC Deftly Broke Down How The COVID Vaccine Works And Recorded Her Own Shot For Instagram

There are plenty of resources out there if you’re curious about the new COVID vaccine and want to know more about how it works, who is eligible for it, and how to get it. You could go to the CDC website, or turn on a CNN press conference with Dr. Anthony Fauci … but for the most straightforward, easy-to-understand breakdown, you might just want to head over to Representative Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez’s Instagram feed.

AOC, who’s been using her stories to educate the masses on everything from stimulus bill negotiations to voting practices and pandemic policies, recently documented her experience with Pfizer’s COVID vaccine on her Instagram stories. AOC, and the rest of Congress, were some of the first to receive the vaccine as part of a “continuity of governance” program and because she’s committed to being transparent about what her job on Capitol Hill entails, AOC decided to answer questions from her followers while getting the shot.

AOC walked everyone through the entire process, from the initial intake form, which asks patients to identify allergies and whether they might be pregnant — if either applies, a more in-depth follow-up is necessary — to the two-shot schedule, how long immunity takes to kick in, whether the injection hurts, and what to expect immediately following inoculation. She also gave fans a mini-lecture in virology and how these specific vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna work, explaining the science behind mRNA targeting and why it’s a good idea for everyone to get vaccinated when they can.

Sure, this basically proves that, had AOC been our high school science teacher, we would’ve probably passed biology the first time around, but this kind of transparency and commitment to keeping the public informed is something our government should’ve been doing from the beginning of the pandemic, so it’d be nice to see AOC’s fellow congressmen and women following suit.