Marco Rubio And Other Republicans Are Being Roasted For Getting The First Vaccinations After Playing Down The Pandemic

There are two COVID-19 vaccines being slowly rolled out across America, one of the nations most savagely hit by the virus. And there’s one thing you have to be ready to see in droves: social media posts of people getting injected. There’s just one problem: So far the ones doing that have been Republican lawmakers who’ve spent the last near-year playing down the severity of the pandemic, if not actively making it worse. One of those people is professional pearl clutcher Marco Rubio, and when he posted a picture on Twitter of him being vaccinated, he got the opposite of likes.

On one hand, he meant well: The more people in power who show themselves getting vaccinated, the more the public will ignore conspiracy theorists making baseless claims about their efficacy and do the same. On the other hand, a lot of people found it pretty rich that Rubio — who has been a senator in one of the nation’s unstoppable hotspots, who complained about the press focusing on the Trump administration’s epic mishandling of the pandemic, who even attended the outgoing president’s mask-free “superspreader” rallies, which have led to ballooning infection rates — would be among the first to get a cure.

It left a lot of people angry.

Celebrities were mad, too.

Some compared him to hissable movie characters.

And others pointed out that Rubio is hardly the only Republican who jumped to the front of the line, butting in front of people who actually put their lives at risk to save others.