AOC Went Scorched Earth On Her Colleagues For Not Bothering To Read Bills (And Do Their Jobs) Before Opposing Them

There’s a whole genre of entirely informed female representatives in Congress channeling major “group project leader” vibes to humiliate the hell out of their lazy, incompetent peers and … we’re kind of here for it.

Representative Katie Porter has done it time and again, weaponizing her whiteboard so effectively that we imagine it must strike fear into the heart of every Big Pharma CEO unlucky enough to cross her path, but she’s not the only intelligent woman on Capitol Hill that’s determined to do her job and do it well. May we now introduce to you, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Just kidding, we know that you know who AOC is and how adept she is at taking her fellow lawmakers to task when they screw up, but that doesn’t make watching her publicly drag those same coworkers for not being prepared for a meeting any less enjoyable. That’s exactly what she did during a hearing on a bill she introduced with Representative Rashida Tlaib to offer a public banking option that would address some of the pitfalls of the current commercial banking system. In the video of AOC’s testimony, which has been viewed over one million times, the Congresswoman from the Bronx drags the Republican colleagues who not only oppose the bill, they haven’t even bothered to read it.

“When I first got to Congress, I thought, man, people definitely study what they’re talking about here,” AOC begins. “Then I got here and realized that people don’t even – a lot of my colleagues don’t even read the bills that they are commenting on. We’re making lots of statements that have nothing to do with the legislation and frankly, you know, if I made comments that very publicly demonstrated that I didn’t read the legislation I was discussing, I’d be embarrassed, but that is an aside.”

Someone, please alert the nearest hospital, they’ll be seeing some badly charred lawmakers soon.

AOC has been happy to share her full takedown of the current for-profit banking system, while slyly throwing shade at Republicans who simp for it, on social media and people on Twitter are loving it.