The Stunning Flooding Of The NYC Subway System Prompted AOC To Remind Everyone About The Green New Deal

The climate has been working hard this past week to promote Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.

First, the Gulf of Mexico caught fire. Now, parts of New York are literally underwater after torrential rains from Tropical Storm Elsa battered the East Coast this week. In short, the planet is either burning or sinking, which means that AOC’s climate change proposal is looking really good right now, something she’s been happy to point out on Twitter.

The Congresswoman took to social media to share videos of her fellow New Yorkers battling the effects of the storm. In one, a woman can be seen wading through waist-deep water to get to the subway. In another, cars are stranded on a major highway as riders escape to safety in the back of a utility truck. Both videos show the real-world consequences of ignoring climate science right now, and AOC is using them to put pressure on her fellow lawmakers — you know, the ones who’ve been having weekly phone chats with Exxon lobbyists who are paying them to convince their constituents that the Earth isn’t stuck inside a CO2 microwave that’s nuking our environment to death.

Here she is dragging her conservative colleagues for taking climate change advice from fossil fuel execs instead of actual scientists:

And here she is pointing out how frustrating bipartisanship is when it comes to climate change legislation, especially when the other side of the aisle is happy to filibuster any meaningful change while parts of the U.S. are melting under rising temps.

In summary: we’re killing our planet, and AOC is really good at this whole social media thing.