AOC Did Not Hold Back While Letting Ted Cruz Know Why She’ll Never Work With Him (Not Even On The GameStop Issue)

The world stopped for a moment on Thursday when two Congressional foes — Democratic firebrand Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and GOP Always-Trumper Ted Cruz — agreed for the first time on a subject. The latter had cosigned the former’s tweet that a hearing should be held over Robinhood’s role in blocking investors from purchasing Gamestop, AMC, and other Redditor-fueled stocks while hedge funders could continue to do whatever they pleased. This was “unacceptable,” stated AOC, to which Cruz surprisingly co-signed, “Fully agree.”

Granted, Robinhood’s position in this current stock market chaos is one that even Fyre Festival co-founder Ja Rule felt outraged to witness, so I guess almost everyone (except for the hedge funders) don’t know why Robinhood pulled this move after TD Americatrade felt the backlash and apologized while reversing course after temporarily restricting trading on both GameStop and AMC.

Let’s just say, however, that AOC is not amenable to working with Cruz at all. In fact, she’s being very vocal about it. “I am happy to work with Republicans on this issue where there’s common ground, but you almost had me murdered 3 weeks ago so you can sit this one out,” AOC fired back at Cruz. “Happy to work w/ almost any other GOP that aren’t trying to get me killed. In the meantime if you want to help, you can resign.”

AOC, of course, is referencing the failed MAGA coup, which ended with five deaths (including two Capitol Hill cops). Cruz helped to incite that insurrection by persistently pushing lies about election fraud, and one MAGA rioter wanted to add another death to the list because he intended to assassinate AOC. Well, the congresswoman who represents New York’s 14th district is justifiably not amused, and she’s not onboard with letting Cruz climb onboard to “work with” her.

Naturally, Cruz is acting like he simply doesn’t understand what’s happening. According to Roll Coll reporter Chris Cloff, Cruz responded, “You know, there’s a lot of partisan anger and rage on the Democratic side. It’s, it’s not healthy for our country, it’s certainly not conducive of healing or unity, but everyone has to decide how they want to interact with others.”

And AOC wasn’t buying Cruz’s act and mocked him. “Oh, there’s anger?” she sarcastically tweeted. “Now why would there be anger that Cruz amplified known lies about our election that fueled an insurrection that cost ppl’s lives? What does he think the logical response to his lies should be? A hug? Maybe there’s anger bc his actions deserve accountability.”

You heard her. No one wants to hug Ted Cruz.