Ayo Edebiri Was Not Having It When A Journalist Whipped Out Jeremy Allen White’s Jacked And Thirst-Inducing Calvin Klein Underwear Ad At The Globes

It was a good night for The Bear at the Golden Globes. The FX (on Hulu) sleeper hit won the overall award for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy. Jeremy Allen White took home the corresponding Best Actor award with Ayo Edebiri owning her Best Actress award in the same category.

What did the cast face while backstage after the ceremony, though? Well, the Extra room got awkward when a journalist decided to whip out — while interviewing the entire The Bear cast — one of Jeremy Allen White’s shots from his recent jacked underwear ad campaign for Calvin Klein: “What went through your mind when y’all saw this?” Ayo’s face tells the story here:

Those photos recently set the Internet’s loins aflame, but man, what an awkward moment. And Ayo immediately reacted with a downcast face and had no qualms about shutting this question down. She stepped up, took the cardboard with White looking like an Ancient Greek statue, and turned it around to face the wall. Then she explained why: “This is my boy! It’s a work function, you know what I mean?”

Surely, no one could blame Ayo for doing so. Abby Elliott can also be heard exclaiming, “This is our family!” so it’s safe to say that they were defending their good friend from having his TV work downplayed by, you know, also being jacked in underwear while sporting his The Iron Claw physique. For his part, White seemed to take the situation in stride, but remember, there’s not much room for Carmy being sexy, y’all. White is saving that for the billboards.