‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Will Air Footage Of The Corinne-DeMario Incident That Halted Production

Now that The Bachelorette has wrapped up (albeit with a less than satisfying conclusion), all that’s left is the summer fan favorite, Bachelor in Paradise — which was saved from the brink of cancellation after sexual misconduct allegations shut down production early into filming the upcoming fourth season. After a thorough investigation, it was found that no misconduct took place and filming resumed.

Corinne Olympios — so-called “villain” of Nick Viall’s season unsurprisingly at the center of the scandal — has since walked back claims that she was a victim in the on-camera hookup incident with fellow cast-mate DeMario Jackson, and has even agreed to appear on the reunion show (albeit separate from Jackson). But what viewers probably were not expecting was for footage of the incident itself to air, despite the fact that neither Olympios nor Jackson returned to Paradise once production resumed.

TMZ has obtained a clip of the August 14 season premiere, and it does appear that at least sanitized footage of the incident (which is said to have taken a hard left turn for the NSFW) and aftermath, will indeed be shown. As we previously reported, producers implemented strict drug and alcohol policies when production did resume — so it came as little surprise when Olympios later revealed that mixing prescription drugs and alcohol may have been responsible for her blackout.

In lighter news, ahead of next week’s premiere Jimmy Kimmel rolled out the first episode of his highly anticipated “Baby Bachelor in Paradise” series, which is a lot like the real Bachelor in Paradise with less tequila.