Bachelor Party Bros Play A Genius Bungee Jumping Prank On The Groom

“YOU SHOULD NOW PREPARE YOURSELF TO JUMP. WE ARE HUNDREDS OF MILES IN THE AIR. BUT DON’T WORRY, BELOW US SITS A DEEP POOL OF WATER AND YOU’LL BE ASSISTED BY OUR TOP OF THE LINE BUNGEE JUMPING CORDS,” the groomsmen said, in Norwegian, to the unsuspecting, nervous, terrified, blindfolded groom. He was convinced he was about to leap off a cliff, when in fact, he was only inches above the ground, standing on a wooden plank, with a shallow kiddie pool below him.

My guess: the best man didn’t have a toast, so he was trying to make one up, about the time the groom totally crapped his pants in a pool meant for children. I’d raise my glass to that.

(Via Reddit)