‘Bad Lip Reading’ Just Might Make The First Biden-Trump Debate Actually Understandable

Somehow, the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden took place less than a calendar month ago. A lot has happened since then — starting with Donald Trump getting coronavirus shortly after said debate — that’s made the end of September and much of October feel like a few more calendar years added to the longest year on record.

Bad Lip Reading, however, is back to remind us that, yes, that first debate did happen. And a 10-minute video of its highlights — with completely made up audio spliced together — somehow creates a more coherent story of the political clash of the septuagenarians than we got from what actually took place on the stage.

The joke lines are best viewed for yourself, but Trump, Biden and debate moderator Chris Wallace are all spoofed in the video posted on Friday. The second half of the video was called “Time To Act,” which gave the lip synched video readings that fit certain prompts the video provided. At the very least, it certainly stuck to the subject more than both Biden and Trump did last month.

A Bad Lip Reading of the final presidential debate might not be very timely considering the election is less than two weeks away, but this is a good distraction until we get to election day.