Check Out Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Aaron Eckhart, and Cillian Murphy’s Batman Auditions

Last Sunday morning, we posted Christian Bale’s Batman audition, in which he donned Val Kilmer’s batsuit from Batman Forever and read for the role opposite Amy Adams. The video came from the special features on The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector’s Edition, in stores today. Now video source Batman News has updated their review with a dozen pictures from those audition tapes.

Check out the pictures below to see Anne Hathaway’s audition to play Catwoman and Tom Hardy’s Bane wardrobe test for The Dark Knight Rises, Aaron Eckhart‘s makeup test as Two Face in The Dark Knight, and Cillian Murphy’s Batman audition. (Video available here.) Yes, the skinny androgynous guy put on Val Kilmer’s batsuit and read for the Batman role. Nolan liked his audition enough to cast him as Scarecrow instead. Considering how out of place he looks in a batsuit, that must have been some damn fine acting.

First up, here’s Oscar winner Anne Hathaway, who beat out Jessica Biel, Kate Mara, and others for the Catwoman role.

And just think, her audition eventually led to this:

What a time to be alive.

And here’s Tom Hardy’s wardrobe test and Aaron Eckhart’s makeup test:

And here’s Cillian Murphy as Bruce Wayne and Batman. That happened. (Video here.)

He would have made a lovely Catwoman.

A few more pictures are available at Batman News. Hat tip to CBM for the GIF.