The Batman/Superman Movie’s Possible Titles, Ranked

One thing movie studios can’t escape is the necessity of copyright law, which means they have to reveal some things in advance. For the upcoming Batman/Superman movie, they’ve had to reveal a few titles. Some of them are good. Some of them… not so much.

Fusible did some poking around and discovered two things: Warner Brothers had registered a bunch of possible titles in a few places, and that whoever writes the titles at WB has given up on their job.

Here they are, from best to worst:

Man of Steel: Shadow of the Night
Man of Steel: Beyond Darkness
Man of Steel: The Darkness Within
Man of Steel: The Blackest Hour
Man of Steel: Knight Falls
Man of Steel: Darkness Falls
Man of Steel: Black of Knight
Man of Steel: Battle the Knight

And we’re not using World’s Finest because….? Anybody? Anybody at all?

Of the bunch, which are admittedly all kind of terrible and cheesy, at least “Shadow of the Night” makes some form of sense, especially if they tweak it to “Shadow of the Knight”, or hell, go with the DC title reference and make it “Shadow Of The Bat”. And “Beyond Darkness” is amusing because it’s probably the title of a terrible Superman/Star Trek crossover fanfic.

The rest all range from middling to “bad Japanese translation of the movie’s title.” It’s unlikely WB will use all (or possibly any) of these titles; mostly studios do this to cover all the bases and ensure nobody can jack their copyright to put out an Asylum-level knock-off of their movie. Still, we kind of hope that these won’t even get slapped onto a toy or a cheaply made video game; some fates are just too undignified, even for shoddy merchandise.