This Is The Most Beautiful Advertisement For Planet Earth You’ll See Today

Picture related.

Fark and Gizmodo tipped us to this tearjerkingly beautiful compilation of Earth-centric footage from various credited sources. We’ll have to thank EdisProductions for this little slice of epic, because eating biscuits and gravy while crying is exactly how I planned to spend this morning. (Must be Thursday.)

But don’t just listen to my blubbering foolishness. Check out these satisfied Farkers:

ArkAngel: “Incredible. Not only have I learned even more that Earth is rapt with beauty unchallenged, I have also learned that baby cheetahs are adorable when they yawn.”

Theory of Null: “the first three minutes of earth were good but after that it quickly evolves into some kind of extreme sports fap fest.”

Jesda: “Meh.”

Oh, Fark. Never change.

The video consists of quite a bit of footage from BBC specials, devinsupertramp, and Red Bull, all set to music which is emotionally charged even without the awesome visuals (Steve Jablonsky’s “My Name Is Lincoln” and M83’s “Outro”). To revisit a joke I made about the fantastic Alex Roman short film, you could put M83’s “Outro” on a slow-motion video of me getting beaten mercilessly with a wet pool noodle and I’d still tear up and say, “It’s so beautiful.” And not just because I’m into that.

Strap in.