Ben Affleck Wrangling Dunkin’ Donuts Coffees Is 2020’s Final Bizarre Gift To Social Media

The year 2020 is finally coming to a close, but not without one last weird thing trending on social media: Ben Affleck struggling to juggle some iced coffees and grab the mail at the same time.

If that sounds like the product of a slow news day, well, that’s kind of to be expected on December 31 of one of the worst years in recent memory. Times are tough, people are weary and there’s likely a long road ahead in 2021 that isn’t all that great, either.

Which perhaps is why people delighted so much in photos taken of Affleck outside of his home that continued a recent trend of him photographed with Dunkin drinks in varying states of stress and existence.

The photos, which show a somewhat beleaguered-looking Affleck struggling with a few drinks from the Boston-based coffee chain, are instantly endearing. And somehow mesmerizing, which is why several places like Page Six actually wrote about them. It seemed like all of social media was giving their takes on what was going on and what the images represented, too.

Like all great works of art, the photos seemed to represent something different in everyone.

Some people celebrated it like a rare shoe drop.

And as many pointed out, this running genre of photographs has caused a stir on social media before for one reason or another.

It immediately got added to an impressive collection of exhausted candids.