Ben Sasse Blasted Putin’s ‘Mobster’ Oligarch Pals (‘Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous A$$holes’) And Called For Them To Be Deported Back To Russia

Everyone is holding their breath watching the devastation happening in Ukraine right now. Everyone, that is, except for Republican Senator Ben Sasse, who had some choice words for President Vladimir Putin after he decided to invade a peaceful country and threaten the United States in the process.

Sasse guested on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Friday and didn’t waste any time telling host Joe Scarborough how he felt about Putin and the Russian oligarchs who continue to back him while living large in the U.S., U.K., and elsewhere.

“Fundamentally we need to have targeted sanctions against the 16 oligarchs, the mobster cronies who enable Putin’s madness,” Sasse explained (via Raw Story). “These guys — we need a made-for-TV lifestyles of the rich and famous assh*les for the American people and people around the world to understand who these guys are.”

He went on to admit that voters in his state probably couldn’t “find Ukraine on the map” because they’re too busy trying to provide for their families and survive a pandemic, which is fine because Sasse views it as the United States’ government’s job to curb Putin’s tyrannical impulses. He called upon U.S. allies like the U.K. to get tough on the Russian billionaires currently enjoying the high life abroad while helping to fund Putin’s latest invasion attempt.

“We need the Brits, who have been great allies in general, to step up and acknowledge there’s a ton of Russian billionaire money bouncing all over London and we ought to perp walk them out of the country,” he said. “Their kids should be kicked out of the country and they should go back and live in Moscow’s hell holes with Putin because they are the ones enabling him. They don’t want to live with him but they love to make money off him. There need to be more consequences for them and we need to act faster.”

A Republican who isn’t enabling an aging dictator’s attempt to spark World War III just because he’s “anti-woke”? The bar is low but honestly, it’s something.

(Via RawStory)