Ben Shaprio Was Mocked For Bragging That He Sleeps On A ‘Bed Made Of Money’ During Heated Debate

Ben Shapiro isn’t only one of the loudest and most frequently dunked members of the far-right. He’s also a bit of a snot. He has a short temper and, when confronted, he gets flustered and responds with withering sarcasm and childish boasts. Maybe you remember the time he got slammed for telling noted British conservative journalist Andrew Neil, during a heated debate he was badly losing, that “I’ve never heard of you.” So of course when he ventured outside his bubble and humiliated himself on Real Time with Bill Maher, his only response was to be act like a jerk.

The Daily Wire co-founder and former Breitbart employee was granted a platform by Maher, there to promote his new book The Authoritarian Movement. Is it a tome about Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s descent into actual fascism? Of course not. It’s about…cancel culture and the left being mean to conservatives and such. One critic of Shaprio’s latest doorstop is Malcolm Nance, a former Navy officer and current MSNBC contributor. As it happens Nance was also on Maher’s show, sitting next to Shapiro.

“It’s a nice title for his book, and I think a lot of people who would assume that he’s talking about real authoritarianism could be trapped into giving you $28.99,” Nance quipped. He also pointed out that it would maybe be more apropos to write about Trump instigating a failed coup on Jan. 6, not, as he called it, “Twitter gossip.”

Shapiro did what he often does: try to change the subject. He attempted to move the conversation to Critical Race Theory. After Nance addressed it, Shapiro did it again. But Nance wasn’t biting. “Is this what you do on your show? Because it sucks.”

But Shapiro had a clever rejoinder: “You know, Malcolm, I… I appreciate that, but I will comfort myself tonight by sleeping on my bed made of money.”

The comeback earned lots of mockery on social media.

Others marveled at how thin-skinned Shapiro is.

And others enjoyed watching Shapiro get owned.

You can watch the full segment in the video above.

(Via The Daily Beast)