Famously Shirtless Comedian Bert Kreischer Showed Off His Impressive Weight Loss

Bert Kreischer is frequently shirtless.

The comedian is shirtless in his standup specials. He’s shirtless in interviews. He’s shirtless in the fictionalized movie about his life, The Machine. And now, he’s shirtless in photos showing off his weight loss.

“Me at 275 vs. me at 230,” Kreischer wrote on X, along with two pictures: one where he weighs 275 pounds and another at 230 pounds. He looks happier in the first photo, but maybe that’s because the carefully placed towel is drawing the attention in the second. You can see the post below.

“One night I took my shirt off to remind myself it should be fun,” Kreischer told Gold Derby about why he performs shirtless. “You could feel the energy in the room loosen up and my energy loosen up. I started smiling. That set went beautifully. So I still have that. Not to sound too hippy dippy but it ties in with gratitude. Every time I walk on stage, especially now in arenas, there’s a moment where I walk up the stairs and they are playing ‘Fortunate Son’ and I believe I am the fortunate son. I want to have fun. I want to drink if I want to drink. I want to smoke weed if I want to smoke weed. But ultimately, I perform best sober until the last 15 minutes of the show.”

(Via X/bertkreischer)