The Best Celebrity Entries In The FaceApp Challenge

07.18.19 1 month ago

Zachary Johnston

Indigenous Ernest Hemingway? The older rich dude your hottest friend is dating? A retired Jui Jitsu instructor? Nope, it’s our own Zach Johnston, looking way too much like “The Most Interesting Man in the World” not to comment on.

By now you’re probably fully aware of FaceApp and their whole “we own your photos and do whatever we want with them forever” terms of use, but that certainly doesn’t make the novelty of the aging-app any less fun. Plus, for those of us who’ve already used it, the damage is done — so, uh, YOLO we guess. In truth, FaceApp’s terms of use are very similar to most of the apps we frequently use on a daily basis like SnapChat or Instagram, so you’ve probably already given up a significant portion of your privacy anyway.

We’re all doomed and this won’t be the death stroke. Just relax and settle into looking old now, while you can, before the apocalypse precludes that.

Anyyyyyway…. Over the weekend, everyone jumped — ahem — face-first into the FaceApp challenge including a lot of famous faces. We’ve collected the best of them so you can see if all of your favorite celebrities are still going to be hot when you’re old and grey and your grandkids are zipping off on their while feet, chewing carbon-fiber bars while saying things like “My God Grandma, how did you ever have a crush on Drake?”

Here are all the best celebrity FaceApp photos out now!

Drake, Looking Way Too Good

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Best caption wins ovo tickets

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Felt cute might die later

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Lil Nas X

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feeling cute might delete later 😌

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