The New ‘Aquaman’ Poster Has Been Vastly Improved By Internet Jokers

Aquaman opens December 21st, so rumors about when the first trailer would drop have been swirling for awhile. Now we know from director James Wan that the trailer will play at San Diego Comic-Con this Saturday. Wan also debuted the film’s poster, seen above.

The poster features a shirtless Jason Momoa (yes, good) and a plethora of sea life. Aquaman’s squad is comprised mostly of sharks and orca, but there’s also a sea turtle near the lower right side. Why’s the turtle there? Good luck fighting whatever battle Aquaman is calling you to, sea turtle. Slap Aquaman’s evil brother Orm with your fins as hard as you can. Flap flap flap. Go you.

Anyway, people on Twitter quickly reacted to the new poster with jokes and photoshops. Some people thought the tagline — “Home is calling” — could be improved:

Others wondered if they’d need to watch the prequel first:

And people joked about the copious amount of sea life in this poster:

But, most of all, people got to work making their own versions of the Aquaman poster:

Of course, other movies had to cross over into the Aquaman universe, especially Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, and — oh, hi there, The Shape of Water (aka Grinding Nemo).

People even updated an old Justice League poster:

And here are four more suggested taglines for Aquaman: Rise of the Ocean Bro:

They should use that last one, to be honest:

Via Twitter