Twitter Users Erupted With Glee Over Drake And Ninja Streaming Their ‘Fortnite’ Gaming

Drake demonstrated his gaming bona fides overnight, hopping onto a Twitch stream of the game Fortnite, playing alongside Ninja, and they were later joined by Travis Scott and JuJu Smith-Schuster. Their Twitch stream smashed the record for most concurrent viewers of a non-tournament game, with over 600,000 people tuning in at the same time. That’s nearly double the previous record of 388,000 for non-tournament Twitch streaming.

It’s easy to see why it broke the record, with multiple celebrities getting involved and Drake offering up plenty of fodder for humor. He spent part of the game camouflaging himself as a bush, heretofore known as “God’s plant,” and people on Twitter couldn’t help but take videos and make jokes:

Others were inspired to create photoshops and mashup videos as well:

People couldn’t believe their luck to be witnesses (in some cases, in game) to the event:

Twitter users were unusually hype about staying awake all night and getting fired in the morning:

Even JuJu Smith-Schuster couldn’t believe this all came together:

Jokes continued into the wee hours of this morning:

And many people seemed to agree that this is going to be a definite net positive for gaming, streaming, and nerd culture:

While other celebrities, like Chrissy Teigen, thought about streaming their own favorite games.

A++++ would pay bells to watch.

(Via Kotaku, Polygon, and Twitter)