The Internet Continued Dunking On Zuckerberg After A Second Day Of Congressional Testimony


Pictured: real human boy Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrapped up a second day of Congressional testimony on Wednesday, and we’re almost convinced he’s not an android Mark Zuckerberg built and sent in his stead. Amid awkward moments like Zuckerberg nervously answering a question about his college-era “Hot or Not”-style website FaceMash, his admission that Facebook collects data on people who’ve never even been Facebook members, his claiming Cambridge Analytica had compromised his data as well, and his being called “Mister Zuckerman” by Congresswoman Yvettee Clarke, the Internet has been having fun absolutely dunking on Zuckerberg.

We already rounded up some of our favorite tweets on the first day of testimony, and now we have more tweets to read while drinking two glasses of red wine and deciding to cut your own bangs.

People had a lot of opinions about Real Human Boy™ Mark Zuckerberg:

And people really enjoyed comparing him to an alien, a replicant from Blade Runner, a Twilight Zone character, or a robot:

People waxed nostalgic about the MySpace days and conjectured that Tom Anderson made the right choice to bail when he did:

The Social Network references were de rigueur:

And, of course, people wondered if those members of Congress understand the Internet at all.