So… You Want To Make A Captain America Meme?

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) gets a detention, during which the students are shown a video of Captain America (Chris Evans) sitting in a backwards chair (that’s the cool way) and affecting a friendly mentor tone, saying, “So, you got detention.” You can watch the full scene here. Earlier this month, the scene inspired a meme with some especially creative variations on the phrase, all starting with “So…” such as the example above, which made us imagine replacing the clapping in the song with snapping (should’ve aimed for the head).

The first example was posted on Twitter on May 11th, when @inkopolis captioned the picture of Captain America with “So. You got cucked.” (Oh, Internet. Never stop being poisoned by irony.) It took a few days for the next example to show up, but then things really got rolling. Now there are enough funny examples that we’d be remiss to ignore them.

Some of the jokes went far back to 1930s references:


Other ones might require Steve Rogers to add some media to his watchlist:

And some of them have no chill:

Here are some more to cheer you up after those previous two:

(Hat tip to Know Your Meme)