Our 42 Favorite Facts From 'Did You Know Gaming'

06.04.12 7 years ago

AAAAAAAA! Stop looking for coins, you monster!

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is happening this week in Los Angeles, and we’ve already dropped our predictions for what is likely and unlikely to happen at E3 this year. To celebrate, let’s also check out the gaming facts at Did You Know Gaming, a new Tumblr devoted to, uh, gaming trivia. Sometimes things are exactly what they said on the tin. Other times they say “peanut brittle” but OH GOD SNAKES WHY’D IT HAVE TO BE SNAKES?

Our 42 favorite facts are collected below, and some of them are nightmare fuel. All pictures courtesy of Did You Know Gaming, and you can check out the rest over there. Thanks to Buzzfeed for the assist.

“Banana Smuggler” was my nickname in middle school.


That’s kind of creepy.

But that’s creepier.

Okay, totally creeping me out now.

This totally freaked me out the first time I watched it.

But this one is the scariest of all.

That’s hardc0re.

I spoke too soon. This is hardc0re.

Booooooo. Link is left-handed. DEAL WITH IT.

I must possess this version of Mario.

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