Nihilist Arby’s Makes The Case For Eating Whatever You Want And Getting High In Their Bathroom

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if an ad for Arby’s aired on Night Vale community radio? Or if Rust Cohle from True Detective or Bret from the Filmdrunk Frotcast took over Arby’s Twitter? Time is a flat circle, and so is the meat-like substance being shaved into a pile and stuffed into your gaping maw. Arby’s. It’s basically food.

No more need to wonder. About anything. Because Twitter parody account Nihilist Arby’s is here to school us on the meaninglessness of it all. Fill that void with roast beef or a close approximation, and check out the best of Nihilist Arby’s below. I’m thinking Arby’s. And I am afraid.