Shut It Down: This Is The Best ‘Pulp Fiction’ Cosplay Ever (Video And Pictures)

One of the biggest things on Reddit today is the picture above of two eerily familiar-looking guys dressed as Pulp Fiction‘s Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega at San Diego Comic-Con. So impressive was their work here that I had to track down their identities and find more pictures and video. Much like Marsellus Wallace, we found what we were seeking in six additional pictures and a video. (And we didn’t even end up in a basement after chasing this stuff down.)

Jules Winnfield is being cosplayed by Elliott Branch, AKA juleshollywood. Vincent Vega is being cosplayed by actor Dave Colbert. We’ve collected some more great pictures of these mushroom-cloud-layin’ motherf*ckers. Here’s Branch making some special friends at Comic-Con.


And this bad motherf*cker is nailing Samuel L. Jackson’s intense glower.

This briefcase had better light up when you open it.

Branch and Colbert even do the casual version of this cosplay.

Did we mention Branch also does an impersonation of Samuel L. Jackson? Here he is getting a touch-up from Edward Scissorhands.

This is righteous.

Via Reddit, Oliver Chua, Mooshuu, and juleshollywood.