Twitter Comes To Terms With Nintendo Exposing Mario’s Nipples In ‘Super Mario Odyssey’

The Nintendo Direct conference on Wednesday provided a look at numerous upcoming games and products, but f*ck all that because they showed Mario’s nipples and we need to talk about this. While showing Mario playing frisbee with an adorable Shiba Inu on a beach in Super Mario Odyssey, the former plumber busted out the chest pepperoni and Twitter was not prepared. In light of this especially noteworthy development, we’ve collected some of the funniest tweets about Mario’s nipples and yes we’re doing this. Let my food poisoning-induced loopiness be your gain.

At first some people noticed how much happier Mario seems now that he’s quit his job.

Then others zeroed in on two specific details of the photograph, Mario’s nipples, and its-a disturbing.

Not everyone handled it well:

Some dealt with their feelings using photoshop:

Others raised pertinent questions:

Some even came up with philosophical questions the implications of which may cause us to lose sleep:

Others got topical:

Sometimes disturbingly topical:

Others took a closer look:

And for some reason Link didn’t have nipples in the footage of him shown during the Nintendo Direct, which also raised questions:

King Dedede and other characters were also a topic of debate:

There were conspiracy theories about Mario’s tribal tattoo:

And more conspiracies that could BLOW THIS WHOLE THING WIDE OPEN: