Biden Is Trolling Trump And The Republican Field By Buying Ads To Air On Fox News During The Second GOP Debate

There’s a second GOP debate airing on Fox News Wednesday night. It’s not the most exciting news. After all, the guy who’s crushing the polls by a lot isn’t even attending, and maybe not only out of cowardice. But those who tune in will at two points be treated to an unexpected guest: the current president of the United States.

As per The Daily Beast, the Joe Biden campaign has bought some airtime on Fox News, Fox Business, and Univision, which is showing the smackdown in Spanish, to air two separate ads during the debate. One is called “The Difference,” and it argues today’s Republican party is beholden to the rich and powerful, at the expense of everyone else.

“Republicans say they’re for us, but we know they’re working for the rich and powerful,” says the ad’s narrator. “President Joe Biden is different. He’s fighting for us. He’s working to make billionaires and corporations pay their fair share.”

In the other, called “Delivers,” Biden takes on Trump alone, specifically about his stance on the United Auto Workers strike.

“He says he stands with autoworkers,” it begins. “But as President, Donald Trump passed tax breaks for his rich friends while automakers shuttered their plants, and Michigan, lost manufacturing jobs.”

It concludes, “Joe Biden said he’d stand up for workers and he’s delivering. Passing laws that are increasing wages and creating good-paying jobs. Manufacturing is coming back to Michigan because Joe Biden doesn’t just talk, he delivers.”

The ads will be played in English and, on Univision, in Spanish. The demographic they’re aiming for, says a Biden campaign official, is swing voters they want to dissuade from voting for a party they argue is anti-working class and definitely not pro-union.

Where will Trump be during all of this? In Michigan, speaking to auto workers…who are, of course, not in a union and therefore not striking. But hey, they might get to hear Trump say something like how Jeb Bush, not his brother George, is responsible for starting the Iraq War.

(Via The Daily Beast)