The Biden Administration Will Go To Great Lengths To Disinfect The White House Immediately After Trump And His COVID-Stricken Crew Exit The Building

President-elect Joe Biden, like any new homeowner, wants to make sure he walks through those White House doors to a clean, tidy home. But, unlike virtually every incoming president in our nation’s history, he’s having to go the extra mile to make sure his family and his staff don’t catch a deadly virus from the outgoing commander-in-chief.

A spokesperson for the General Services Administration told Politico that Biden plans to disinfect and sanitize every inch of the White House before letting his staff enter following his inauguration. This comes after a large number of Trump’s inner circle — which includes lawyer Rudy Giuliani — have fallen ill with COVID-19. Trump continues to host maskless events at the White House while trying to argue the results of the presidential election in court, with no success. But Biden isn’t taking any chances.

A team deployed by the General Services Administration has plans to sweep all surfaces of the East and West Wings of the White House, cleaning every piece of furniture, doorknobs, handles, locks, and any other surface human hands have touched. In addition, the Biden administration has hired a private contractor who will employ “disinfectant misting services” to rid the air of any lingering droplets. Biden plans to take other precautions as well: he’ll be working with a skeleton staff on-site while many in his circle continue to work from home, and Biden plans for everyone working indoors at the White House to wear a mask.

Still, the image of guys in hazmat suits having to clean up after Trump and his family leave is a stark reminder of how miserably the current administration has failed to contain the pandemic.

(Via Politico)