People Are Giddy That The Supreme Court Unanimously Threw Trump Under The Bus And Refused To Even Hear His Case To Overturn PA’s Election Results

Richard Nixon kept his most devious schemes private. Donald Trump, meanwhile, has always been very vocal about his underhanded plans, telling supporters at rallies and even reporters about all the crooked things he wants to do. For instance, he outright spoke on record about how he wanted to rush Amy Coney Barrett onto the Supreme Court, so she and the other two justices he appointed would help him in case the 2020 election didn’t go his way. Well, it didn’t, and yet none of them wound up being the savior he wanted.

According to CNN, on Tuesday the Supreme Court rejected the Trump team’s latest attempt to overturn the election away from winner Joe Biden. The Pennsylvania GOP had sent in a request to block the certification of their state’s results, which tipped greatly in Biden’s favor once the plethora of absentee ballots were belatedly counted. The case was presented to the Court on Tuesday afternoon, and they wasted no time in shooting it down.

It’s yet another humiliating loss for Trump, who had managed to name three justices to the court, the others being Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. He’d been bragging about how they’d help him out of this jam, rejecting the will of the people if no other court across the land would. But not only did the court reject the Pennsylvania Republicans’ request outright, none of them (not even Barrett) offered a single dissent.

A Trump meltdown, in which he singles out each justice for apocalyptic scorn, is almost certainly en route. In the meantime, many on Twitter celebrated what may be the most epic Trump loss yet.

It was a pretty spectacularly anticlimactic ending, too, with Samuel Alito (a George W. Bush appointee) signing his name to the terse letter that shut down the Republicans’ request right out of the gate.

Some jokes took a “life comes at you pretty fast” approach.

Others noted that curious photoshop of Barrett that Trump retweeted.

Some noted that this was in fact Barrett’s first involvement in an election case, which does bode well for any that may follow.

Surely Trump will not be pleased with his most recent Supreme Court justice.

Some welcomed Republican Justices to the resistance.

Even former Trump administration employees joined in the revelry.

Perhaps now that the Supreme Court has slapped him down, Trump’s only remaining ally could be his alien friends.

The bumbling Trump legal team is probably none-too-happy right now.

Then again, it’s ridiculous that an appeal filled with baseless accusations and outright contempt for the will of the people made it all the way to the top of the legal ladder.

Of course, this involved the Supreme Court case from Pennsylvania. Don’t worry, Ted Cruz, defending the one from Texas: You may still get his chance to defend the man who talked smack about both his father and his wife.

(Via CNN)