Biden Is Already Turning His Relationship With Fox News’ Peter Doocy Into A Comedy Duo Routine

Over four long years, Donald Trump never had a good relationship with any White House reporter (unless they’re from OANN). Quite the contrary. If he singled them out, it was to insult them, call them stupid, trash their outlet. Joe Biden hasn’t been on the job even a week and he’s already made friends with the “enemy” — which is to say he’s already got a jokey buddy comedy routine going with a staffer from Fox News.

That person is Peter Doocy, son of Fox & Friends mainstay Peter. On Monday, Biden lightly razzed the longtime Fox News journalist, saying he always asks me tough questions, and [they] always have an edge to them.” But he jokingly added, “I like him anyway.” The very next day Biden was at it with Doocy again.

In one of his first days in office, Biden fielded a phonecall from Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, whose administration been accused of tampering in the last two American elections. As Tuesday’s press conference was ending, Doocy shouted out a final question, asking what he and Biden had talked about. Biden quickly quipped, “You,” adding, “He sends his best.”

It’s clear Doocy is going to be a thorn in the Biden administration’s side. But it’s also clear that Biden knows how to deal with it: with a charming soft jab, a bit of light sarcasm, not the thin-skinned maelstrom Trump brought to everyone who asked him a question he didn’t like. And for a second day in a row, people loved the rapport they’ve developed.

Some accused Biden of dodging Doocy’s question. Thing is, a readout of his Putin conversation is already on the White House website, for all to see.