Joe Biden Had Only Four Words To Say About Trump Becoming The First American President To Get A Mugshot

Unlike most people, Joe Biden hasn’t said much about Donald Trump’s towering legal woes. He’ll troll the Republican party with his “Dark Brandon” antics, but he’s played it cool when it comes to his presumptive rival for the 2024 presidency. (That is, if Trump can even run.) Even when reporters asked Biden what he thinks of Trump becoming the first American president to score a mugshot, he only offered four words.

As per HuffPost, Biden took a break from vacationing in Lake Tahoe, California, to field questions from reporters. One asked if Biden had seen the mugshot. Biden let out a chuckle, replying, “I did see it on television.” Asked to elaborate, Biden did, sort of, saying, “Handsome guy. Wonderful guy.”

Trump’s historic mugshot came during his fourth arraignment in only the last six months. This one was in Fulton County, Georgia, where he and 18 other defendants were charged in relation to alleged election interference in 2020. It wasn’t only Trump’s mug that was photographed; he also reported his height and weight, claiming the latter to be 215. A lot of people were not buying that one, though at least his mugshot scored some, uh, pretty decent reviews from Fox News.

(Via HuffPost)