After Four Years Of The Trumps, People Find It Surreal To Have A First Couple Happily Celebrating Valentine’s Day

There was a lot to dislike about the last four years, and though this is a minor quibble, it still hurt to see: We had a POTUS and FLOTUS who were almost certainly no longer in love. Melania Trump’s grumpy looks were infamous and plentiful, and she was not above swatting away her husband’s hand when he reached out for PDA photo ops. People are still getting used to having a nice and professional president, but they’re also still getting used to a First Couple — Joe and Dr. Jill Biden — who clearly adore each other.

The latest example came on Friday, when it was revealed that Jill had put up a lavish Valentine’s Day display on the White House lawn — a sea of hearts with words like “love” and “strength” and “healing” and “compassion.”

When asked by reporters why she had put up the holiday display, Jill responded, “I just wanted some joy. With the pandemic, just everybody’s feeling a little down, so it’s just a little joy, a little hope. That’s all.”

Granted, her predecessor was known for ostentatious holiday displays, too. But Melania tended to only go all out for Christmas, which she did reluctantly and with, some have said, questionable taste. (Although her final bout got some good reviews — or at least wasn’t compared to The Handmaid’s Tale.)

Though it had only been four years since the Obamas were in office, the combination of a happy First Couple and Valentine’s Day displays had people feeling, once again, shocked.

Some singled out Joe’s jacket.

And others gave sent some love to Champ and Major, the first White House pets since the Obama administration.