Bill Burr Goes On A Tear Against The Anti-Vaccine Crowd: ‘You’re Full Of Sh*t That You Don’t Trust It’

Never one to mince words, comedian Bill Burr absolutely unloaded on the anti-vaccine crowd while in the middle of congratulating the Milwaukee Bucks on their first NBA title in 50 years. During the latest episode of his Thursday Afternoon Monday Morning podcast, Burr blasted the Bucks fanbase “who probably created a new variant of the f*cking coronavirus” during its unruly “no masks no condoms” celebration, as the comedian described it.

“Jesus Christ, they [may as well] have put f*cking Covid in liquid form and just put it into a crop duster and just f*cking flown right over that goddamn crowd,” Burr metaphorically said before launching into a justifiably angry rant about anyone who’s still refusing to get the COVID vaccine at this point. Via Mediaite:

“It’s so f*cking dumb, this ‘I don’t trust it,’ you’re full of shit that you don’t trust it,” Burr said, speaking about the totality of unvaccinated people, not just Bucks fans. “Cause I’ll tell you right now, if they came out with a shot that gave you a flat stomach and abs, all of these same people that ‘you ain’t f*ckin with my freedom,’ they’d be right down there getting that f*cking thing.”

Throughout the pandemic, Burr has been an outspoken advocate for following safety protocols and listening to infectious disease experts. During an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, he called out Rogan to his face when the podcast host said wearing a mask is “for bitches.”

“I don’t want to start this bullshit,” Burr said while shutting Rogan down. “I’m not gonna sit here with no medical degree, listening to you with no medical degree, with an American flag behind you smoking a cigar, acting like we know what’s up, better than the CDC.”

Of course, Burr is a comedian, and he has cracked a few jokes about the pandemic including one that left Conan O’Brien in stitches. While filming his final appearance on Conan’s show, Burr quipped that his one “honest, selfish thought” is that he wished the coronavirus killed more people so the traffic in LA wouldn’t be so bad.

(Via Mediaite)