Bill Maher Torched GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson Over His Anti-Sodomy Views: The GOP Is ‘Coming After Your Anal!’

This week the majority of the world learned a new, very boring but very powerful name: Mike Johnson. He’s the new Speaker of the House, and after four Wile E. Coyote-esque attempts to replace the historically ousted Kevin McCarthy, he initially seemed like a sensible choice. Turns out he wasn’t. The clean-cut guy with the generic name is a MAGA die hard who was against certifying the 2020 election. He’s an ultra-Christian who believes America isn’t a democracy but a “Biblical republic.”

Speaking of, he’s also a fan of anti-sodomy laws. On Friday’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, the host focused on that aspect during his opening monologue. After joking that House Republicans “finally found someone who fits the glass slipper,” Maher joked that he was a fan.

“Oh, boy, do I like this guy,” Maher sarcastically told the crowd. “Super duper, super Christian. I mean, super Christ-y. The and and probably the worst of the election deniers. So the Republicans have really found their sweet spot, loves Jesus, hates democracy.”

After cracking that Johnson is so extreme in his abortion views that he believes “life begins at insurrection,” he turned to his LGBTQIA+ views. Johnson, he says, “absolutely hates gay sex, especially when he’s having it.” He added, “He wants to actually criminalize gay sex because it makes it hotter.”

Maher continued:

Oh, this is a beaut, this guy. He is written in favor of reinstituting sodomy laws. Sodomy laws? That’s laws against anal and oral. I. I’ve never understood this about the Republicans. If you’re so against abortion, why would you be against the two places to do it where you can’t get pregnant? Right. Well, I think this is actually a giant gift to the Democrats because, I mean, oh, wow, forget about Republicans coming after your Social Security. Now they’re coming after your anal! Finally, something to get the young people to the polls.

On the plus side, voters famously pounded the GOP last year over their extreme positions on issues like abortion. Surely appointing a hard-liner like Johnson won’t do them any favors next year. What’s more, as Kevin McCarthy learned, it’s really easy these days to depose a House Speaker.

You can watch Maher’s Johnson take in the video above.

(Via Mediaite)