Bill Maher Warns MAGA Not To Cross Taylor Swift Or It Will Come Back To Bite Them

Republicans have so many enemies these days, but one of them is a more formidable threat than most: Taylor Swift. Why would a political party even think about attacking arguably the most popular musician in America? Who knows, and yet there some of them are, hatching tinfoil hat conspiracies about how Swift, the “deep state,” and the NFL are conspiring to get Joe Biden re-elected. They might want to take some advice from someone who’s not exactly on their side but who at least shares some of their affinities: fellow anti-woke crusader Bill Maher.

“This is a national news story in the sense that, this is a person that could literally swing the election,” Maher told the crowd on Real Time Friday night, per The Daily Beast. “I don’t know what that says about this country, but, I would just say to the MAGA people, you should be very careful attacking her because this is someone who transcends parties.”

Maher went on to explain why she appeals to both left and right.

“I mean this is a country girl, right? Her first, she started out as a country artist,” he explained. “[Swift] is a white girl from Pennsylvania, I think, grew up on a farm, right?”

As is his wont, Maher went on a strange tangent about race. “Never had a black boyfriend! I’m just saying,” he said. “She’s just had a lot of boyfriends that we all know about, you know? If MAGA’s full of racists they gotta like that! I mean, she’s finally dated an NFL [player], it’s 80 percent Black, she couldn’t find one there?”

Anyway. He went on: “Trump’s people are already registered and voting for him. Her voters, perhaps, are not registered at all. She doesn’t have to say who she’s voting for, all she has to say is get registered. They know who she’s voting for.”

She’s not changing minds, it’s turn-out,” guest Bob Costas chimed in.
Maher concluded nby saying, “So, I think you could be awaking a sleeping — until the afternoon — giant, here.”

On Sunday Swift is set to attend the Super Bowl, where her boyfriend, Kansas City Chief’s player Travis Kelce, is playing. She also supported Biden in the 2020 election, in opposition of his opponent, Donald Trump. Looks like we’re getting a rehash of that this November, and there’s no reason to believe Swift has come around on a guy whose policies — and brain — have only gotten worse.

(Via The Daily Beast)