Bill Murray Has Been Accused Of Assaulting A Photographer During A Dispute At A Restaurant

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Generally speaking, random encounters will Bill Murray lead to overwhelmingly positive reports, but the legend does have his limits. Those would include his distaste for being photographed without consent, which once resulted in the actor tossing a phone from a rooftop, and now, a shutterbug has accused Murray of slamming him against a door at a Martha’s Vineyard restaurant called Lola’s — but the restaurant’s owner is siding with Murray. The Boston Globe relays details from a police report filed by Peter Simon, who happens to be the younger brother of singer Carly Simon.

According to Simon, he was taking photos of a band for the Martha’s Vineyard Times when Murray allegedly “accosted” him and treated him “like the scum of the earth.” Simon accuses Murray of threatening bodily harm while “look[ing] like he was ready to strangle me.” Simon denies that he tried to photograph Murray, and then things get weirder. Simon says that he asked Murray, “Do you know who I am?” And Murray responded with a “Do you know who I am?”

Simon insists that he didn’t even recognize Murray, who apparently felt likewise while allegedly pouring water all over the photographer’s equipment. However, the Globe adds that the restaurant’s owner called Simon “generally annoying” and said he wasn’t allowed to photograph people inside of Lola’s. Further, the owner has banned Simon from the restaurant, where he’ll be reported for trespassing if he ever enters again, although Simon (who wasn’t injured) is considering pressing criminal charges against the Stripes star.

To cap off this story, NBC New York has been trying unsuccessfully to reach Murray for comment, which sounds about right. And the quest for the actor’s 800 number continues.

(Via Boston Globe, Daily Beast & NBC New York)