Bill O’Reilly Reminded People He’s Alive By Suggesting That Joe Biden’s Competence Can Only Mean That He Is Somehow Cheating

Remember Bill O’Reilly? You know it’s been a long few years for the memory of his Fox News domination to fade so quickly after his 2017 ouster following revelations that he paid out over $30 million for sexual harassment settlements. Media analyst Howard Kurtz once described him as “the biggest star in the 20 year history at Fox News,” but O’Reilly was quickly relegated to his own sidelines after, uh, stories about him grunting like a wild boar. He tried podcasting and then started a bizarre conspiracy theory about clothing sizes, and now, he’s reminding everyone that he’s still kicking.

Following Joe Biden’s competent performance at Thursday night’s CNN Town Hall, O’Reilly grew suspicious because — and this is just a guess — he’s not used to seeing a candidate arrive prepared for an event? In all fairness, it has been an atypical last three-and-a-half years. He may not realize that watching a president shout about opening up the schools while a pandemic rages (and saying something entirely different in the background) is not normal. O’Reilly appears to now believe that shenanigans are afoot (because Trump declared that Biden is “sleepy Joe,” and the GOP constantly makes suggestions about his mental acuity), and Biden must somehow be cheating.

“Looks to me that Biden had an idea of what the questions would be,” the former evening talk titan declared. “At least areas of questioning.”

Twitter is calling it: O’Reilly and friends are “SHOOK.” They can’t seem to wrap their heads around a rival candidate (who they accused of having dementia) succeeding at a town hall, so they don’t see past the flawed logic of accusing him of memorizing dozens of questions and answers. As one user put it, “You can’t make this crap up!”

Aaaaand a friendly reminder: