Billy Eichner Has Weighed In On Nick Cannon’s Tweets About Sarah Silverman And Others

12.10.18 8 months ago 12 Comments


The Kevin Hart Oscars scandal has moved with Trump-level speed, all while being Trump-level dense. The story so far: On Tuesday, Kevin Hart swooped in as the official host of this February’s Oscars. By Thursday night, he had resigned, after attention was drawn to past homophobic tweets. (The show may now go host-less.) On Saturday, Nick Cannon dug up old tweets by Sarah Silverman, Chelsea Handler, and Amy Schumer, in which all three used homophobic slurs. Today, Silverman, at least, responded, retweeting a thread that argued that, as allies of the LGBTQ community, the three were not speaking maliciously, and thus were not the same as Hart’s epithets.

Billy Eichner has also weighed in. The comic and host of Billy on the Street had apparently been asked by many for his two cents on the scandal-within-the-scandal. And Sunday night he did.

“I think Nick’s point is a compelling one,” Eichner began. “I obviously do not and cannot speak for the entire LGBT community (obviously). But here’s my personal opinion: Just don’t use that word. It’s as simple as that. There are so many other words to use.”

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