Make Your Internet Pokemon-Free With This Chrome Extension

You don’t have to be playing Nintendo’s new augmented reality Pokémon Go game to see Pokémon everywhere these days. All you have to do is log onto the internet and you’ll be inundated with endless pictures and memes and conversation about the phenomena. The thing hasn’t even been released officially everywhere in the world, but it’s undeniable that it’s completely taken over.

Now I know it may be tempting to yell and scream and leave comments on the Facebook pages of loved ones berating their new lifestyles as intrepid Pokémon trainers. But for everyone’s sanity and unity, may I recommend a technological solution to this problem? There is now a new Chrome plug-in called Poke-Gone that — as the name suggests — gets rid of all mentions of Pokémon Go from your browser.

These kinds of plug-ins have been gaining in popularity for a while now. There were several to stop Star Wars and Game of Thrones spoilers, and some to get rid of Donald Trump. Now that Pokémon Go is the new national obsession, we need this new counterweight to get rid of the endless pixelated pictures of parking lots with Pidgeys and stores with Scythers. Wait, is that a store near my house? Okay, I gotta go do… something.

(Via The Daily Dot)