Brian Williams’ Zinger Following A Montage Of Deranged School-Board Meeting Speeches Had People Rolling

Parenting ain’t easy, and more to the point, putting up with other parents can be even more difficult. That’s especially been the case with the Delta variant taking over, and that’s turned already contentious school board meetings into ground central for the anti-mask-and-anti-vax crowd to vent their rage. This wasn’t the exact reason for a Texas Christian woman recently making a weird speech about never putting anything in her butt, but there’s no logical reason for that happening, either, so it’s just safe to say that there’s (collectively) a whole lot of crazy going on in school-board meetings.

On MSNBC’s The 11th Hour, Brian Williams played a montage of the wildest right-wingers who’ve taken over the school-board meeting discourse lately, and hoo boy. He capped the whole mess off with the now-notorious Matt Baker, a dreadlocked California right-winger from Ocean Beach, who took over a San Diego Board of Supervisors to shout about Nazis, accuse Fauci of being pure evil, and yell about how “your children and your children’s children will be subjugated.”

It’s a wonder that Matt Baker can even calm down and sleep at night, but Williams had a zinger for him that ran along the lines of Steve Martin’s “Ah yes, I remember my first beer.” Here’s Williams’ variant: “Perhaps you remember your first edible.”

Well, people were caught off guard by the deadpan remark, which caused some Twitter double-takes and laughter emoji aplenty.

Of course, one of the funnier aspects of the remark involves Williams misstating the effects of gummies. Matt Baker probably could actually use a gummy to wind down?

Williams had to have known what he was doing here. Well played.