Brianna Keilar Unloads On Tucker Carlson For Attacking America’s Top General And Denying That ‘White Rage’ Exists

Following General Mark Milley’s dress down of Congressman Matt Gaetz‘s attempt to paint the military as “woke” for studying critical race theory, Tucker Carlson joined his colleague Laura Ingraham in attacking Milley’s remarks as Fox News continues to stir up conservative resistance to learning about America’s racist past.

While Ingraham took the jarring approach of calling for Congress to defund the military after Milley expressed his desire to learn about “white rage” to prevent another attack like the January 6 insurrection, her stance seemed practically tame compared to Carlson, who went on an unhinged rant. He disparaged Milley’s service career and said on the air, “He’s not just a pig. He’s stupid.”

As Carlson’s tirade blew up social media, CNN host Brianna Keilar kicked off Friday morning’s New Day by expertly noting that Carlson’s frothing mad comments prove that “white rage” does exist, despite his arguments to the contrary.

Keilar also blasted Carlson for attacking Milley’s service record and for peppering white supremacist messaging into his rant. Via Mediaite:

“Tucker Carlson didn’t serve,” she continued. “His biggest achievement is having nine lives in the world of cable news. Making a bowtie famous, and getting away with promoting conspiracy theories, night after night after night.”

After playing a clip of Carlson asking “how do we save this country, before we become Rwanda?” Keilar shot back “That isn’t just a dog whistle. It’s a white whistle.” Following Carlson’s mockery of “white rage” Keilar concluded “he pretends white rage doesn’t exist. He is white rage!”

It’s interesting to note that, again, this unusual attack on the military from the Right all stems from Milley shutting down Matt Gaetz, who is reportedly on the verge of being charged for sex trafficking following accusations that he paid for sex with a minor.

(Via Mediaite)