Burger King’s New Ad Trolls McDonald’s Over The Big Mac Trademark

Watch out Wendy’s, Burger King may soon snatch the crown for biggest fast-food troll. McDonald’s trademark for the Big Mac name expired recently in the EU and Burger King moved quickly to capitalize on their competitor’s loss, by rolling out a new Swedish-based ad that takes some snide jabs at McDonald’s.

This being 2019, the genius of this ad was that if good enough it would surely take foot worldwide, thanks to the power of the internet. Clearly, it has.

The ad positions the camera behind the shoulders of Burger King employees as they take orders from customers who use previously prohibited phrases such as: “The burger Big Mac wished it was,” and “Big Mac-ish, but flame-grilled of course.” The camera later switches the perspective showing a Burger King menu adorned with these phrases on their typical combo meals, poking fun at what they clearly see as a lesser burger in the fast food domain.

Given that the trademark is indeed expired, EU-based Burger Kings COULD totally do this and get away with it, for now. McDonald’s is currently in the process of contesting the ruling on the expiration of their trademark, but for now, all is fair in the fast food war.