McDonald’s Is Giving Away A Diamond Ring; Here Are The Best Entries So Far


McDonald’s is wishing everyone a very happy Valentine’s Day…in the most bizarre way imaginable. As a sort of celebration of the three Big Mac sizes — the Grand Big Mac, the Big Mac, and the Mac Jr. — the fast food restaurant is giving away an 18-karat gold, stackable “Bling Mac” ring to one lucky winner. The ring is made of seven individual tiers of diamonds and gems representing the ingredients of the Big Mac, including champagne diamonds for its two all-beef patties, lettuce, pickles, and onions made from tsavorite, gold cheese, and orange sapphire for the Special Sauce.

One custom ring will be made for the winner, designed by fine jewelry designer Nadine Ghosn. To get a hold of the Bling Mac, contestants have to write “vows of love” to their favorite Big Macs on Twitter and tweet them @McDonald’s with #BlingMacContest, people have already started…

Some of these are lowkey beautiful, and if your significant other doesn’t talk to you the way these people talk about the Big Mac, you really might need to rethink your entire relationship. The competition is fierce. Get your order…er…tweets in before the contest ends on February 14, Valentine’s Day.